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Work in progress – Caves various

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Work in progress - caves various

Work in progress - caves various

I have been doing some work on modelling some cave like meshes in Blender and using some vertex painting to achieve some fairly realistic but low as possible poly environments for the mod. Will probably redo the floor of the cave as there are too many poly’s there. But over all the effect is coming on quite nicely.

Also been doing some work to make it possible to configure certain monsters to only be damageable by specific weapons. E.g. some monsters can only be damaged by magic projectiles such as fireballs.

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Work in progress - Simple vertex painting test

A small update this time. Lots of work going on with the mod. Some new map models like medieval torches, plus some map models from Neurological. Mana and health that slowly recharge over time if the player has special artifacts in their inventory. Also playing around with vertex painting in blender. You can see an example of how the bricks blend into the dirt on the floor – which we intend to make full use of with the caves and cave floors in the game. It is unbelievable the amount of time that needs to be invested in work like this, even the little details like the ‘soot’ decal behind the torch have to be custom made.

Work in progress – Potions and game play changes

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Work in progress - potions various

There is an enormous amount of work going on in the mod at the moment. The SDK code has undergone various tweaks, preventing items from being collected by walking over them. You now have to target items in the cross hairs and press a key to pick them up as long as they are within reach distance. Consumable items such as health potions and mana potions are no longer immediately consumed, you can carry them around in your inventory and use them when you want to.

After needing a small break from SDK and scripting work, even had time to knock up some models for health, mana and poison potions – all the liquid in the glass bottles swirls around in game and looks rather nice! – plus a new barrel model too! – must have a thing about barrels :(

Also making its debut – is the new royal crest design graphic, thanks to rich_is_bored over on for that.

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