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General News

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Lots of progress happening with the mod at the moment.

I am hard at work in the SDK implementing the non-linear level transision code atm. So far things are going well and it is progressing very nicely. The system will allow the player to travel back and forth between completely different level maps in any order that the level designer permits. The system will remember for each level what items the player has already collected or consumed in each level or any new positions where the player has kicked or dropped items. Also new items collected in one level may be dropped in another so that has to be catered for. Not forgetting remembering which monsters the hero has already slain.

So far a lot of the above is working in manual test mode, so its a question of much testing and finishing the code…

On a lighter note, Neurological has gone on a mission to create a whole new set of original textures, we are also going to experement with parallex, bloom and other effects. So far we have decided to remove the HDR due to the servere performance problems encountered when using it.

Here is a quick example of some of Neuro’s new original textures:

Original Testure Examples

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