Help Wanted

Help Wanted

We are currently seeking help to continue the development of the mod, and to start producing real assets for the game/story itself.

Please note, that we have asked for and have been given permission by Arkane Studios to produce this free mod.

In case you are not familiar with the original Arx Fatalis game, why not check out this link for a quick example.

Alternately, those for those who are interested the theme of the mod, the original game is very medieval. Think caves, castles, dungeons, hidden passages, dark, cold, eerie environments, secrets and suspense. This fantasy setting includes creatures such as goblins, dwarfs, spiders, snake women, dragons etc. We need to create and animate many of these models and assets for the mod.

Don’t have time to become a full time member of the team? – no problem, we would still gratefully accept any appropriate contributions to the mod.

Please see descriptions of the main roles below.

Concept Artist/Illustrator:

  • Ability to produce artworks to use as backgrounds for menus and cut scenes and character concepts for the 3D artists to produce the needed models.
  • The knowledge of Arx Fatalis are not needed but a plus.

3D Character Artist/Animator:

  • Ability to produce high-Quality models of characters provided as artwork by the Concept Artists.
  • Ability to produce normal maps from hi-poly models
  • Ability to rig a character to be ready for animations
  • The knowledge of Arx Fatalis are not needed but a plus.
  • The knowledge of MD5 model format is not required but a plus.

If you think you have what it takes to become a member of, or contribute to what will be one of the most advanced total conversions ever created for Doom 3, then we look forward to hearing from you. Please use the contact link from the pages menu on the site.

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