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Some exciting news and progress for the mod with this update!

We now have a couple of artists who are helping out with some nice environment, texture and creature designs for the mod (see Ratman monster concept image below designed by Olivier).

Thank you guys!

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Also, a unique first for any IDTech4 (Doom3) based modification! – I have been coding away at the SDK for quite a while and we now have a fully working implementation of non-linear level change / transitions. Any level can have multiple entry and exit points, items can be carried and dropped into any other level. Moved things stay moved, used items stay used, dropped things stay where you put them and killed beasts stay dead.

We are now in the process of finalising the story / plot and will be starting to plan out all the levels and areas that will be in the game. Stay tuned…

Concept design - Ratman monster

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  1. lukealot says:

    cool Any stalker fan is ok by me. ive played them all. and that rat man is amazing vary cool looking and yet still origanl.

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