Work in progress – Models various

Well, the campaign to find a modeller to help with the project is not going so well…

In the mean time, I’ve taken it upon myself to start learning how to do it. Here you can see the ‘Chicken’ – behold its splendidness.

Work in progress - Chicken model

Work in progress - Chicken model

3 Responses to “Work in progress – Models various”

  1. hackedmind says:

    Hey, I saw your post at the BlenderArtist forums. I applaud you on your decision to learn for yourself. This will massively up your ability to produce this game and make it your own. It looks like you’re learning fast, as well! Much faster than me, anyway…… ;)

    – hackedmind

  2. ArtZ says:

    Cool Chicken =)

  3. solarsplace says:

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the positive comments, much appreciated.

    The chicken model has now been much improved with integral wings and much better legs and feet. It will be re-UV mapped and has now been rigged ready for animation.

    Hope to get some simple animations done soon and get him in to the mod!


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