Work in progress – Chicken models various

A little news on the progress of the mod.

Finally managed to create and get the animated .MD5 chicken models into the game – yay!

They only have a couple of simple animations, where their wings flap, heads turn and tails wiggle a bit. But its a start :)

Just need to transform them into proper AI’s rather than func_animate entities now….

Work in progress - Chicken models

5 Responses to “Work in progress – Chicken models various”

  1. ArtZ says:

    This hay or stone?

  2. solarsplace says:


    Yes, sorry about those ‘hay bales’ – very rushed – don’t worry – will do a much better job on them for the proper mod.

    Already spent hours on the chickens and was desperate to get a work in progress picture up on the blog. They actually look pretty cool flapping about :)


  3. lukealot says:

    WOW look at this looser complaining about how the haybales look.
    o yah we will just playe the game that you made by yourself .o wate you cant becaues your retarted.

    this game is going to rock!!!!

  4. lukealot says:

    OOOOO wow this is going to b a prequel ooo now i get the End Of Sun title .

    who knew that Iserbius was going to use Akbaa’s power of destruction to destroy the metor.
    that was a vary good twist at the end . witch brings up a lot of questions and the need for a sequel .

    now knowing that arkne studios is now apart of zienmax (i learned that here)There is shour to be a 2nd installment of ARX and i cant wate .(there has to be a second game i mean they make oblivion and they should be fans of ARX )

    seeing how you got the creators appruval and it sounds like they like you, can you confirm that there is going to b a 2nd game??

  5. solarsplace says:

    Hi lukealot

    Thank you for the kind comments and support.

    Arkane has been quizzed ceaslessly about whether they are every going to do an Arx2, they always said they would like to – but I never hear anything more commital than that I’m afraid :(

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