Work in progress – Skeleton monsters

A month or so has passed since the last update, so I thought it was about time to post an update on the blog!

As more and more time passes, many of the pieces of the puzzle that we have tirelessly toiled over are starting to come together!, they are actually starting to become a ‘bit of a game’. In the images below you can see the hero being perused by two new skeleton monsters. The semi-transparent ghost skeletons are tricky adversaries and take three fireballs to dispatch.

Work in progress - Skeleton monsters

Work in progress - Skeleton monsters

It has become plainly apparent that we are unlikely to find / recruit any modellers to produce creature assets for us. Many of the top mods and total conversions such as The Dark Mod, Ruiner and Hexen Edge of Chaos are all in a similar position of needing talented help too. I’m beginning to think that Arx EOS will be the last total conversion for IDTech4 that gets produced, even if the engine gets open sourced.

So, un-deterred we have been hard at work learning how to model our own creatures, convert them into .MD5 meshes, animations and articulated figures, plus writing AI scripts for them. Its a lot of work :(

What we are planning to show you next will be a video demonstration of our non-linear level transition code in action. What this means in practical terms is, that without having to rely on any level scripts at all, – its all automatically done in SDK code, the hero will be able to pickup and drop any items he finds in any other level and they will stay there. Once all the goodies have been looted from chests and alike, they stay looted. Items that are moved stay moved on the next visit to the level. Slain monsters stay dead (unless you don’t want them to!). We have also implemented a new level change system where any level can have any number of entrances and exits, so we can create a much more advanced level layout than any hub system. Also by keeping each map small, we can avoid many of the performance issues that large detailed maps can suffer from.

Work in progress - Skeleton monsters

Hope to get the video created and uploaded soon. In the mean time if you would like to contribute in any way, as always please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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  1. Czril says:

    I had almost completley forgotten about this… I came back to check it out just recently and the progress you guys have made is just spectacular! How are you guys doing anyways? Happy new year and hope crhistmas was awesome too btw!
    As you know I’m not much use on programming or modelling and don’t really have the time to learn it.
    But if the time comes when you need dialogs, a revised plot or blotchy 6 year old style drawings then don’t hesitate to email me I’ll be more then happy to help out with that.
    Would have posted on arkane studios forums but looks like they’re down…

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