General News – Hexen Edge of Chaos – Programmer

I have been working on Arx as a single person team for something approaching 8 months now. Neurological has been busy tying up loose ends on various projects and has unfortunately not been involved with the mod during this time.

There reaches a point where enthusiasm is becomes harder and harder to muster when there is still so much work to do. It can often seem too much, if not impossible that it will ever be completed when you are in the isolation of your own company.

I have joined the Hexen Edge of Chaos team as a programmer and have already completed over 3 complete monster AI scripts / behaviours for the TC, plus numerous script and SDK fixes. It does feel good to work with a very enthusiastic and professional team.

However, don’t worry friends, enthusiasm for Arx, has been rejuvenated and work continues. We have invested too much time already to just give up. Long live Arx.

Hexen Edge of Chaos

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