Work in progress – Late December 2011


Arx – End Of Sun
News Post – Late December 2011

I guess you know there has been no news for a while?

Having worked slavishly on the Arx – End Of Sun project in isolation for many months, it gives me great pleasure to welcome several new extremely talented members to the Arx – End Of Sun team. The enthusiasm for the mod is exponentially growing and so is our progress. In no particular order, let me introduce our new members:

  • Mr.Rocket – Texture artist and mapper
  • Tox – Modeler, texture artist and mapper
  • Nemyax – Modeler
  • DoomTrinity – Weapon animations and script-code genius

We are all working tirelessly in our pursuit to achieve our first fully playable quest & side quest as an internal mile stone. This is no easy undertaking either. Two of our members, Solarsplace (myself) and Mr.Rocket are also fully committed members of the Hexen Edge Of Chaos team too – so we are full time on two total conversion mods.

We have already implemented many original Arx game play elements along with several new features. Tox has already re-created and massively improved many of our in game static and animated models. We now have rather spectacularly animated sword weapons with multiple attack modes controlled by two modes of attack and player movement. Nemyax is the newest member of the team and is currently producing the carnivore rat models that you may lovingly remember from the original game.

Here are a few work in progress screen shots to wet your appetites!

The vast majority of our story involves new areas and environments for the hero to explore, within the subterranean world of Arx. While there are a couple of key locations you may remember from the original game, such as the Human Outpost and the Tavern areas which we have re-created from scratch – The rest of the content will be new.

You may notice the appearance of one or two of the ‘Wench’ characters from the Dark Mod? – This lady is actually Lizzy the bar bar keeper of the Yellow Tulip Tavern, and predecessor to Tizzy from the original game.

It is not 100% certain at the moment that any TDM AI models will make it to any release at this stage although they are of course superb! – Everything else that you see is custom made by the Arx – End Of Sun team.

Arx - End Of Sun - Tavern

Mr.Rocket has brought life to the world with many new textures and is currently working on a grand new map for the Snake Women’s temple.

Arx - End Of Sun - Snake

The goblins, selfish as always only care about gemstones. They tolerate humans – but don’t give them an excuse to attack you.

Arx - End Of Sun - Goblins

Made some money? – Time to buy some supplies or weapons in one of the many shops.

Arx - End Of Sun - Shops

Stay tuned. There will be some more content to show you very soon.


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  1. lukealot says:

    OMG this is the best christmas present ive goten ever.

    the goblins look Amazing.
    I guess (Osha) dosent let you have a sacrifical chamber under you bar so they had to let Tizzy go.

    Just wondering if you have a donations thing like a tip jar er like what The angry video game nerd has got going for his new movie?

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