Work In Progress – The Ylside Predecessors

The knights that you may have seen in our second demonstration video who are protecting the Human Outpost, were always intended for another purpose. They were to be the first incarnation of the ‘Ylsides’, predecessors to those that you may fondly remember from the first Arx. Now we have been able to make great progress with our new more Arx-like human guard models we are able to re-task these models. When they spot an enemy, namely you! – they power up and run fast with you as their number one target. Here we are experimenting with their power up visual effects. Their armor is far less cumbersome than that worn by the Ylsides in the first game, but that does not make them any less dangerous.

Arx – End Of Sun – Knight Render

Arx – End Of Sun – The Ylside Predecessors

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