Work in progress – Magic casting system

A little text before the pictures this time! – Anyway, lots of new C++ code, time, arguments and much pain later, we have the beginnings of the magic system – Behold!

Work in progress - Magic casting system

Here we see pretty much the first incarnation of the Arx magic casting system in the Doom 3 engine. Not quite sure how the original Arx Fatalis magic system was implemented? and will probably never know for sure. However, this implementation uses particles within the world, translated via mouse movements. The spell ‘orb’ exists within the world and its lighting effects influence the world around it – casting magic in a completely dark passage will illuminate the immediate area around the magic orb. The orb uses the standard D3 particle system and a separate smoke system is used for the trailing spell tail.

The top left of the HUD still shows some of the debugging and engine info.  Also, implemented, but not on show, is the code to detect the directional vector of each mouse gesture, which will translate recognised gestures to the appropriate spell. Graphically, the materials need some work to reproduce the original (yellow / green, red / pink, purple / lilak) shades of the magic system – but that will come. Anyway, here are some more examples of the new work. (Original examples here: )

Work in progress - Magic casting system

Work in progress - Magic casting system

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