Arx - End of Sun

Last Update: 17th June 2015


Q) Is your mod free?

A) Yes, the mod is and always will be free.

Q) Will your initial release be “Standalone” or will a copy of Doom 3 be required?

You will no longer require a copy of Doom3 to play Arx – End Of Sun. We are now running on a custom version of the engine code and we use no assets from any commercial titles in our game.

Q) When will your mod be released?

A) We are aiming to release before spring 2016. We reserve the right to change this date.

Q) Will you release your source code?

A) Yes we plan to release all the source code with our official release of the mod.

Q) I would like to contribute to the mod, what should I do?

A) We welcome contributions of models, textures, sound effects, and other assets, and would be happy to add any quality donations to the mod. Please contact the development team by clicking the contact link from the pages menu.

    The Game – Miscellaneous

Q) When and why did the Arx End Of Sun project start?

A) The EoS project was started early in 2010 by an Arx Fatalis fan who loved the original game and was desperate for more content. There was no official word about Arx Fatalis 2 so I thought I would start the mod. At this point I knew little of textures, models, C++ programming and had a little Half Life mapping experience. But how hard can making a game be? right!

Q) Is Arx End Of Sun a remake of the original Arx Fatalis?

A) No, our mod is not a remake. We wanted new content based on the original game universe. Our game is a complete new story set in time before the original story takes place and leads up to the events of the original.

Q) Is the hero of your story Am Shegar?

A) No, the hero is someone new ;)

Q) Should I make comparisons to the original game?

A) This is up to you. Keep in mind we do not aim to reproduce the look and feel of the original game exactly. We do aim to create a strong likeness to the original game, so that the player should feel this is an ‘Arx’ like game.

Q) You need to implement quick health & quick mana

A) We have already implemented this a long time ago.

Q) Can the player cook and eat food for health as in the original game?

A) Yes

Q) Will the player be able to explore the outside world in your mod?

In Arx EoS, there is a good chance that you will discover how the legendary guild of travellers came about. But, who knows which race of creatures would have the skill and materials to construct a survival suit capable of sustaining life at -100 degrees centigrade in the dark icy wastes of the outside world?

Q) The graphics in your mod look too clean compared to the original game.

Some of the work in progress screenshots that we have posted do indeed look very clean.

The assets such as textures and models in Arx EoS are of a considerably higher resolution to the original assets and are never going to match the low-fi look of the original game.

Also in many of the WIP screenshots “Dirt decals” have not yet been applied to the world to make things look more grimey.

Q) Items like torches and weapons only use one inventory slot when they took up more space in the original?

A) At the time when the majority of the inventory was programmed I was a one man team making this game. There is only so much time and a lot of things that need programming. So I had to prioritize. Either it was spend a years worth of spare time programming a clone of the Arx inventory and have nothing else at all done, or spent a month or two programming a more simple interface and have some time for other parts of the game too. All items occupy one slot in this game. It is very unlikely that this will ever change. However as a bonus, you will not run out of room in the inventory easily as the magic runes no longer take up any slots in the inventory.

Q) Will the game include all the spells of the original game?

A) No, the game will include several spells but not all the spells.

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