Work In Progress – Monster Rat Walk Cycle Tests

July 20th, 2013

Posted by Nemyax, here is a video where the monster rats walk cycle animation is being tested.

Work In Progress – Demo Video 2

January 1st, 2013

We are proud to present to you after many months of hard work, our second work in progress video demonstration…

We have come a long way since our first WIP demo video… We still however, have a long way to go until our demo game release…

Work in progress – December 2012

December 9th, 2012

We are currently working on putting together a new and updated gameplay / work in progress demonstration. We really have a lot of new things to show! – In the meantime, here are a couple of screenshots from areas you may see in the video…

The Snake Women, don’t like it one little bit when they catch you sneaking into their temple! – run!

Arx – End Of Sun – Snake Temple Entrance

If you were to be captured alive, how would you escape from the Snake Women’s prison?

Arx – End Of Sun – Snake Temple Entrance

Oh good, a Troll blocks this entrance. These behemoths hit like sledge hammers. How are we going to get past him on one piece?

Arx – End Of Sun – The Troll Tower

MD5 export add-on for Blender 2.63+ released

May 29th, 2012


Nemyax, one of our fine modellers became very frustrated with having to revert to previous versions of Blender in order to export MD5 models, as there appeared to be no working MD5 exporter for the new versions of Blender. So he wrote his own!

We have already used it to get fully working MD5 monsters into Arx with total success. We hope this will be of benefit to someone here and all IDTech modders / modellers.

Download, feedback, discussion etc is available on the Kats Bits forum.

Work in progress – Late December 2011

December 18th, 2011


Arx – End Of Sun
News Post – Late December 2011

I guess you know there has been no news for a while?

Having worked slavishly on the Arx – End Of Sun project in isolation for many months, it gives me great pleasure to welcome several new extremely talented members to the Arx – End Of Sun team. The enthusiasm for the mod is exponentially growing and so is our progress. In no particular order, let me introduce our new members:

  • Mr.Rocket – Texture artist and mapper
  • Tox – Modeler, texture artist and mapper
  • Nemyax – Modeler
  • DoomTrinity – Weapon animations and script-code genius

We are all working tirelessly in our pursuit to achieve our first fully playable quest & side quest as an internal mile stone. This is no easy undertaking either. Two of our members, Solarsplace (myself) and Mr.Rocket are also fully committed members of the Hexen Edge Of Chaos team too – so we are full time on two total conversion mods.

We have already implemented many original Arx game play elements along with several new features. Tox has already re-created and massively improved many of our in game static and animated models. We now have rather spectacularly animated sword weapons with multiple attack modes controlled by two modes of attack and player movement. Nemyax is the newest member of the team and is currently producing the carnivore rat models that you may lovingly remember from the original game.

Here are a few work in progress screen shots to wet your appetites!

The vast majority of our story involves new areas and environments for the hero to explore, within the subterranean world of Arx. While there are a couple of key locations you may remember from the original game, such as the Human Outpost and the Tavern areas which we have re-created from scratch – The rest of the content will be new.

You may notice the appearance of one or two of the ‘Wench’ characters from the Dark Mod? – This lady is actually Lizzy the bar bar keeper of the Yellow Tulip Tavern, and predecessor to Tizzy from the original game.

It is not 100% certain at the moment that any TDM AI models will make it to any release at this stage although they are of course superb! – Everything else that you see is custom made by the Arx – End Of Sun team.

Arx - End Of Sun - Tavern

Mr.Rocket has brought life to the world with many new textures and is currently working on a grand new map for the Snake Women’s temple.

Arx - End Of Sun - Snake

The goblins, selfish as always only care about gemstones. They tolerate humans – but don’t give them an excuse to attack you.

Arx - End Of Sun - Goblins

Made some money? – Time to buy some supplies or weapons in one of the many shops.

Arx - End Of Sun - Shops

Stay tuned. There will be some more content to show you very soon.



October 18th, 2011

Almost every day work takes place on the mod. Why not follow us on Twitter and see what is going on?

Work in progress – Human Outpost – Level

June 6th, 2011

There is lots of progress with the mod, and here are a few screen shots of the work in progress ‘Human Outpost’ level, a poetic license remake of the original masterpiece.

Human Outpost - Level

Human Outpost - Level

Human Outpost - Level

Human Outpost - Level

Human Outpost - Level

Human Outpost - Level

Work in progress –

General News – Hexen Edge of Chaos – Programmer

June 6th, 2011

I have been working on Arx as a single person team for something approaching 8 months now. Neurological has been busy tying up loose ends on various projects and has unfortunately not been involved with the mod during this time.

There reaches a point where enthusiasm is becomes harder and harder to muster when there is still so much work to do. It can often seem too much, if not impossible that it will ever be completed when you are in the isolation of your own company.

I have joined the Hexen Edge of Chaos team as a programmer and have already completed over 3 complete monster AI scripts / behaviours for the TC, plus numerous script and SDK fixes. It does feel good to work with a very enthusiastic and professional team.

However, don’t worry friends, enthusiasm for Arx, has been rejuvenated and work continues. We have invested too much time already to just give up. Long live Arx.

Hexen Edge of Chaos

General News – Arx Fatalis – Source Code & Final Patch – Released!

January 19th, 2011

Bethesda’s Blog

Download Patch & Source (No editor)

Work in progress – Skeleton monsters

November 29th, 2010

A month or so has passed since the last update, so I thought it was about time to post an update on the blog!

As more and more time passes, many of the pieces of the puzzle that we have tirelessly toiled over are starting to come together!, they are actually starting to become a ‘bit of a game’. In the images below you can see the hero being perused by two new skeleton monsters. The semi-transparent ghost skeletons are tricky adversaries and take three fireballs to dispatch.

Work in progress - Skeleton monsters

Work in progress - Skeleton monsters

It has become plainly apparent that we are unlikely to find / recruit any modellers to produce creature assets for us. Many of the top mods and total conversions such as The Dark Mod, Ruiner and Hexen Edge of Chaos are all in a similar position of needing talented help too. I’m beginning to think that Arx EOS will be the last total conversion for IDTech4 that gets produced, even if the engine gets open sourced.

So, un-deterred we have been hard at work learning how to model our own creatures, convert them into .MD5 meshes, animations and articulated figures, plus writing AI scripts for them. Its a lot of work :(

What we are planning to show you next will be a video demonstration of our non-linear level transition code in action. What this means in practical terms is, that without having to rely on any level scripts at all, – its all automatically done in SDK code, the hero will be able to pickup and drop any items he finds in any other level and they will stay there. Once all the goodies have been looted from chests and alike, they stay looted. Items that are moved stay moved on the next visit to the level. Slain monsters stay dead (unless you don’t want them to!). We have also implemented a new level change system where any level can have any number of entrances and exits, so we can create a much more advanced level layout than any hub system. Also by keeping each map small, we can avoid many of the performance issues that large detailed maps can suffer from.

Work in progress - Skeleton monsters

Hope to get the video created and uploaded soon. In the mean time if you would like to contribute in any way, as always please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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