Work in progress – Chicken models various

October 24th, 2010

A little news on the progress of the mod.

Finally managed to create and get the animated .MD5 chicken models into the game – yay!

They only have a couple of simple animations, where their wings flap, heads turn and tails wiggle a bit. But its a start :)

Just need to transform them into proper AI’s rather than func_animate entities now….

Work in progress - Chicken models

Work in progress – Models various

October 12th, 2010

Well, the campaign to find a modeller to help with the project is not going so well…

In the mean time, I’ve taken it upon myself to start learning how to do it. Here you can see the ‘Chicken’ – behold its splendidness.

Work in progress - Chicken model

Work in progress - Chicken model

General News

October 7th, 2010

Some exciting news and progress for the mod with this update!

We now have a couple of artists who are helping out with some nice environment, texture and creature designs for the mod (see Ratman monster concept image below designed by Olivier).

Thank you guys!

( & (

Also, a unique first for any IDTech4 (Doom3) based modification! – I have been coding away at the SDK for quite a while and we now have a fully working implementation of non-linear level change / transitions. Any level can have multiple entry and exit points, items can be carried and dropped into any other level. Moved things stay moved, used items stay used, dropped things stay where you put them and killed beasts stay dead.

We are now in the process of finalising the story / plot and will be starting to plan out all the levels and areas that will be in the game. Stay tuned…

Concept design - Ratman monster

General News

September 14th, 2010

Lots of progress happening with the mod at the moment.

I am hard at work in the SDK implementing the non-linear level transision code atm. So far things are going well and it is progressing very nicely. The system will allow the player to travel back and forth between completely different level maps in any order that the level designer permits. The system will remember for each level what items the player has already collected or consumed in each level or any new positions where the player has kicked or dropped items. Also new items collected in one level may be dropped in another so that has to be catered for. Not forgetting remembering which monsters the hero has already slain.

So far a lot of the above is working in manual test mode, so its a question of much testing and finishing the code…

On a lighter note, Neurological has gone on a mission to create a whole new set of original textures, we are also going to experement with parallex, bloom and other effects. So far we have decided to remove the HDR due to the servere performance problems encountered when using it.

Here is a quick example of some of Neuro’s new original textures:

Original Testure Examples

Zenimax has acquired Arkane Studios

August 24th, 2010

Following the news that Zenimax had acquired Arkane Studios, we were a little nervous that they would not allow us to continue with our End Of Sun project, despite having previously received permission from Arkane Studios themselves.

Much relief today arrived in the form of an email:


I spoke with some folks from Arkane and they said that they loved the mod and that you knew not to sell it for profit.

The policy we have at ZeniMax is that you’re not allowed to use assets from one game within another game (even if they’re both games we released). Talking to someone at Arkane, they said you weren’t using the original assets from the games, but rather it was inspired from Arx Fatalis. Doing something like that is fine.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.


Matt Grandstaff
Senior Community Manager
Bethesda Softworks

Help Wanted

August 20th, 2010

Help Wanted

We are currently seeking help to continue the development of the mod, and to start producing real assets for the game/story itself.

Please note, that we have asked for and have been given permission by Arkane Studios to produce this free mod.

In case you are not familiar with the original Arx Fatalis game, why not check out this link for a quick example.

Alternately, those for those who are interested the theme of the mod, the original game is very medieval. Think caves, castles, dungeons, hidden passages, dark, cold, eerie environments, secrets and suspense. This fantasy setting includes creatures such as goblins, dwarfs, spiders, snake women, dragons etc. We need to create and animate many of these models and assets for the mod.

Don’t have time to become a full time member of the team? – no problem, we would still gratefully accept any appropriate contributions to the mod.

Please see descriptions of the main roles below.

Concept Artist/Illustrator:

  • Ability to produce artworks to use as backgrounds for menus and cut scenes and character concepts for the 3D artists to produce the needed models.
  • The knowledge of Arx Fatalis are not needed but a plus.

3D Character Artist/Animator:

  • Ability to produce high-Quality models of characters provided as artwork by the Concept Artists.
  • Ability to produce normal maps from hi-poly models
  • Ability to rig a character to be ready for animations
  • The knowledge of Arx Fatalis are not needed but a plus.
  • The knowledge of MD5 model format is not required but a plus.

If you think you have what it takes to become a member of, or contribute to what will be one of the most advanced total conversions ever created for Doom 3, then we look forward to hearing from you. Please use the contact link from the pages menu on the site.

Promo – Planet Doom

August 11th, 2010

Yay – Second time on Planet Doom.

Promo - Planet Doom

Promo – Demo Gameplay

August 11th, 2010

Finally we are proud to present to you all the first demonstration video of  “Arx – End of Sun”

This video is intended as a technical demonstration more than actual game/story contents. The map is exclusively built to demonstrate what we have achieved so far regarding game-play and game mechanics.

The assets created for this demonstration, such as textures and props models will be used further on in development for the game itself, but expect to see a vast array of extra materials in the full release.

Here a little summary on what you are going to see in our first demo:

- Inventory system, Journal system, Magic runes, Store quick magic and magic mode system.
- New interactions such as opening doors/chests or manual drop pickup world items.
- Water physics with underwater blur effects and water drip visuals when raising from the water.
- Readable game objects system, such books, area/shop signs or secret notes.
- Poison damage effects and invisibility effects.

Work in progress – Demo map

August 11th, 2010

Here are a few screen shots of the map that will be used in the demo video.

Demo - Library

Demo - Dining Hall (Before)

Demo - Dining hall (after)

Demo - Stairs

Work in progress – Underwater

August 11th, 2010

We have implemented water physics into the mod. There where however some shortcomings. No water footstep or underwater detection or appropriate sounds. Also when under water there were no visual effects to simulate that the player was swimming beneath the surface. Once again much SDK work later there are appropriate detection of walking in water and being submerged and appropriate sound effects. Plus add a full screen post process blur shader to visually distort & blur the world render when the player is underwater. The player can also only hold his breath for so long. The blue progress bar shows how long the plater can remain underwater.

Work in progress - Underwater

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